Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Characteristics & Behaviour


On time, disciplined

Questions to expect

Fact orientated, process questions, asking for technical details and evidence

Answers to expect

Qualified, technical, unimaginative, precise, following policy and rules

Response to threat

Attack details


To be logically correct, enjoys technical challenges, details

Small talk

Some technical in nature, project orientated


Organised, charts, graph

Tone and Manner

Low key, not too expressive

Proud of:

Process logical conclusion, thoroughness


Only after getting all the facts, logical decision


Is every step logical and in order?

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Green Personalties

  • detailed
  • analyze everything
  • believe they're smartest people on planet
  • sensitive
  • can become depressed
  • never try to 'sell' to them
  • be 'up front' with them
  • they'll never 'quit' the biz (admission of failure)
  • give them ton of info
  • engineers
  • attorneys
  • accountants
Empathetic, humanistic and expressive, they excel in areas with a human-interest focus. Greens are most productive in an environment that is idea-oriented, supportive and egalitarian. They need variety and the chance to creatively bring about change and impact the lives of others.

Gifted in their understanding of people's motivation, they have an unusual ability to influence and draw the best out of people. They also excel in verbal and written communications and are heavily represented among writers, TV anchors and biographers.

As leaders
, Greens are enthusiastic spokespersons for the organization or cause of their choice. They dramatize the mundane into something special, creating a unique charismatic quality that sweeps others into their cause.

Famous Greens include Oprah, Gandhi, Gorbachev and Diane Sawyer. (Greens correspond the Myers-Briggs NFs.)

Step 1:
The scientific mind...things must make logical sense to this inquisitive mind.

Spot them at work. Greens tend to be very competent and expect others to be just the same. In fact, Greens believe they should be in charge and would do a better job than their boss.

Best way to use their strengths is in strategic planning, visioning, and designing the big picture of the organization. Seen as having their heads in the clouds thinking about things, Greens can be somewhat aloof. In fact, they prefer to work alone and don't like constant coaching.

They might say, "Give me the general direction and let me design it." Greens also don't like arbitrary suspenses.

Step 2:
A desire to learn more about the world...work is play, play is work .

Greens at play. Greens like strategy and will use their analytical abilities to figure out the best way to win. Mental challenges excite them. When it comes to play, a Green is quite happy going solo.

No problem going on vacations alone or with the family but expect to have an interesting, mind enriching experience. Greens tend to be a bit more serious in their recreation and determined in all that they do. Work is play and play is work.

Step 3:
Greens love deeply and logically .

reens at home. A Green is a very complex person to live with. With their big picture and systematic way of approaching life, they will gather facts, analyze, and approach their relationship in a very logical fashion.

A common sentiment expressed by Greens, "I told you that I loved you when I married you, didn't I." Greens are not ones for redundancy and their feelings towards those they love stay consistent. They will tell you when their feelings have changed. Focus on purposeful conversation with Greens, not idle or silly talk...they have no time for it.

Step 4:
The key to spotting a Green is to determine how they get their energy. Are they extroverted, like to think out loud and like being around people? Or are they more introverted, internal thinkers, who like to think before speaking?

Extroverted Greens, it's easy to spot their Green traits but these traits are guided by their secondary Color. However, an introvert will show their secondary Color to the world but think internally with Green traits. Thus, you will need a bit more investigative work to determine if you have an introverted Green. This is one of the least understood personalities because of the internal thinking characteristic.

Tips & Warnings

  • Greens value competence, confidence, conceptualizing, and problem solving
  • Tap into Greens to lead your strategic planning and visioning
  • Give them information, but not necessarily details to make a decision
  • Present them with an idea, but let them have time to think about it
  • Greens can discipline well if people do not meet their high standards
  • Others may see Greens as cool, aloof, sarcastic, critical, snobbish, anti-social and just plain weird
  • When dealing with a Green, be competent or you will not get a fair shake
  • Green's usually are nearly 100% right unless extroverted (speak as think) because they will have thought things out before speaking (introverted Green)

How to raise the self esteem of a Green

Greens like science, thinking, and analysis

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Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up each day and have a totally positive outlook? You greet your family at the breakfast table and they actually greet you back. At work, your co-workers build each other up and applaud each others’ accomplishments.

When you get home, your spouse lovingly greats you and you listen patiently as your spouse details the day’s events and eagerly awaits you to share your day. In this scenario, everyone is operating on all cylinders and is in “Esteem.” Esteem is how you see yourself as in “self-esteem.” Depending on your personality, there are hints when you are “Out of Esteem.” This article will help you identify a Green personality type, one of the four True Colors personality types, that is “Out of Esteem” and how to get the Green type back in esteem. By identifying “Out of Esteem” traits and subsequently taking appropriate action to bring those traits into congruence, you will raise your “Self-Esteem” and the esteem of others. Just imagine a world where people focused more on raising each others’ self esteem and just how life giving and rewarding it would be.


Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:

  • Clear mind
  • True Colors Personality Test

Step 1:
Identify Green personality traits that demonstrate they are in esteem like the following: Questioning Independent Pleasant but not socially involved High expectations Strives for improvement

Step 2:
Identify Green personality traits that demonstrate when they are out of esteem: Perfectionism tied to performance anxiety Aloof, snobbish, and silent treatment Indecisive Highly critical of others Refuses to comply or cooperate

Step 3:
Greens like more technical tools Determine “what is the cause of the out of esteem behavior?” Ask questions or observe if their joys, values, and needs are being met (see article on how to spot an Orange, Green, Blue, and Gold). For example, if a Green is indecisive then help him/her to become more decisive by getting the core of the issue.

Sometimes Greens need to have more data to make a decision. With their high standards and susceptibility to perfectionism, help them to frame the “standard” for the quality of the product or decision. An 80% solution may be what is needed not a 100% solution. Keep building on successes and see their esteem rise.

Step 4:
Determine if any of their stresses are being activated (see article on how to spot an Orange, Green, Blue, and Gold). For example, you set a staff meeting. Since you know Greens value competence and purpose, would it not be appropriate to send an agenda out as you set the meeting with the purpose and expected deliverables tied to the mission/vision of your organization or work section? This will allow input into refining the agenda and it will help prepare the Greens for the meeting so they can think about their participation. At the staff meeting, link the meeting with the overall purpose/expected outcomes so the Greens will have the big picture.

Tips & Warnings

  • Seek to determine the Greens specific joys, values, and needs. This requires exercising patience and excellent listening skills because Greens will break down issues/problems to see how the parts fit/relate to the whole. Give them time to process, think, and integrate their thoughts.

  • Remember that just because a Green questions an action does not mean they are opposed. Greens need to understand before they can become congruent with a course of action. If not congruent, they will opt out. If a Green is out of esteem, expect sarcastic, cutting, and hurtful comments.

  • Greens feel deeply so don’t expect to understand their feelings right away. Listen for clues to help solve the puzzle to the motivations behind their actions. Bring the discussion to a logical, less emotional focus and you may have more success in finding out their core issue.